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Annual Surgical Mission Project

Since its inception, Humanity First has been setting up medical camps and surgical missions in various parts of the world. These camps and missions are organized with medical staff volunteers who visit these remote areas, along with medical supplies and equipment with one mission in mind: serve as many people who are in immediate need of medical treatment or surgery as possible. Such an annual effort which has been occurring now in collaboration with the Neurospine & Human Development Nonprofit Organization has been occurring in Ghana annually for almost 10 years. Physicians from Humanity First USA visit Ghana to assist local physicians in providing free surgical care. In August 2008, a medical team comprising of 9 medical volunteers US surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurse practitioners from the Johns Hopkins Hospital, University of California, San Francisco and Banner Healthy System in Pheonix, Arizona participated in this most recent service trip. The supplies for these trips are gathered through th e assistance of other organizations such as the partnership of Humanity First USA with the Supporting Hospitals Abroad with Resources and Equipment (SHARE) organization that donated many invaluable surgical and medical supplies.

Humanity First Clinical Laboratory

Humanity First Ghana is working to establish a high quality medical laboratory center as a first step help in the diagnosis and treatment of disease in Daboase, Ghana. Reduction of overall patient mortality with improved laboratory diagnosis testing is the desired endpoint of this infrastructure improvement project. Currently, Humanity First is finishing the building to be used as the Medical laboratory and is working to equip it shortly.

Disaster Relief

Humanty First Ghana is active in supporting the global disaster relief mission of Humanity First. Most recently, Humanity First Ghana provided direct aid to the disaster victims after heavy flooding in the Northern portions of Ghana.

Water for Life

Humanty First Ghana is focusing to help provide clean and disease-free drinking water as part of its efforts in Ghana. Ten specific target locations that can serve as many people as possible have been specified throughout the country as candidate sites for establishing water wells.

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